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Easy DIY Linen Closet Update

We all have that linen closet with wire shelves that are full of clutter!

Ours was driving me crazy and I finally tackled it with my husband's help as our rainy afternoon project.

I wanted this to be a two-part project: shelf update and organization!

We cleaned everything out and my husband built some Faux Wooden Shelves. They sit right on top of your wire shelving but give them a completely updated wood look.

We used less than $50 worth of plywood and used some stain we already had. My husband was able to build and install them all in less than two hours.

I love how they turned out and how much nicer it makes our linen closet look!

Next I went through and sorted everything and cleaned out what didn't belong.

Then I used a few bins and labels to organize everything and get it put back together.

It was a quick and affordable project that makes such a big difference! I now love our little linen closet!

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