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Simple Ways to Elevate Your Kitchen and Bathroom

One thing I'm always looking to do as a designer is elevate my home design. Over the years I've found that even small and simple changes can really make a big difference with your overall design.

The first areas I focused on were my kitchen and bathroom since they are some of the most frequently used areas in my home. Here are a few simple ways I've elevated my space.

Swap Out Bottles

This tip works well for both spaces. I've swapped out every soap dispenser (hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, & body wash) for a reusable one.

For the kitchen I like use an Olive Oil dispenser for my dish soap. It makes it so quick and easy to use!

I found that having the same dispenser, helps reduce visual clutter and keep your space feeling elevated. Some even come with packs of matching labels.

These are some of my favorite bottles I've found on Amazon!

  1. Amber Bottles 2. Clear & Black 3. Clear & Stainless 4. Clear & Gold

  1. Silver Olive Oil Bottle 2. Gold Olive Oil Bottle 3. Teardrop Oil Bottle 4. Tan Oil Bottle

You can even buy the cutest labels for everything!

  1. Black and White Labels

Add a Tray Organizer

Adding a tray organizer works for both bathrooms and kitchens. Trays take a lot of different items and organizes them into "one item". This again helps reduce visual clutter by seemingly only have one or two things on your counter instead of several.

I personally use silicone trays because I can clean them in the dishwasher.

Amazon has several awesome options for tray organizers!

  1. Ceramic Tray 2. Silicone Tray 3. Marble Tray 4. Wood Tray

Upgrade to a Bamboo Dish Brush

Bamboo dish brushes more aesthetically pleasing than a sponge and such an easy upgrade! I love mine and they're so easy to clean in the dishwasher.

They are also very affordable on Amazon!

  1. Wood & White Brush 2. White & Wood Long Handle 3. Natural Long Handle 4. Natural Wood with Dish

Add Hooks to Your Shower

Using small hooks in the shower helps organize and get things off your shelves. Hooks are perfect for loofas, razors, mirrors, and even a face washer.

There are even hooks to match every shower fixture!

  1. Silver Razor Hooks 2. Black Hooks 3. Clear Hooks 4. White Hooks

All of these are simple and affordable ways to elevate your home! I love the difference they've made in my home!

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