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Interior Design

Virtual Interior Design
~ Frequently Asked                            Questions

Still have questions? E-mail us and we would be happy to assist!

What is Virtual Interior Design

Virtual Interior Design is the modern and cost-effective way of working with a professional interior designer. Communications and the entire design process are completed online, allowing for faster turn around times and more convenience for you.


How Do I Know What Design Package to Choose?

2D Design Package: This package is perfect for a whole room or "space". We work to combine all the pieces of your design in one place so you can see a complete and cohesive design style.

Mini 2D Design Package: This package is best if you need less help designing your space. Some examples would be finishing touches, a small entryway wall or reading corner, etc..

Shelf Styling Package: This package can be purchased alone, if you just need some help with your built-ins, or as an addition to either other design package. This is best for open shelving, bookcases, or built ins.


Can I Use My Own Furniture in the New Design?

Absolutely! When you fill out your New Design Packet, you can let us know of any existing pieces you want us to incorporate, and we will gladly do so at no extra cost. 

*Shelf Styling Packages do not allow for existing decorative items to be included. We will only recommend new items for this package*


I am Building/Remodeling! Can I Still Use Your Design Services?

We have experience and love working with new construction and remodeling projects. It can be so stressful; we are happy to help so you can truly enjoy the process. We can even design in phases to accommodate your builder and timeline. If you know what spaces you would like us to design, you can purchase the full 2D Design Package for each one. Only interested in in having me assist with choosing light fixtures, flooring, paint colors, ect.? I would be more than happy to help, just e-mail me so we can discuss what you are wanting and I can work up a custom package for you!


How Do You Compare to the Large Design Companies? (Havenly, Modsy, ect.)

Some of the larger companies have hundreds of designers working for them that have little to no professional design experience or training. They focus on their designers having a high volume of designs each week, so they are unable to devote the time needed to your project. We not only offer professional experience and training, but personal attention and the time needed to focus on your design project.


How Do We Communicate During the Design Process?

All communication will be completed through e-mailing Scheduled phone and video calls will be on an as need basis. Our typical design hours are Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm CST. We typically do not answer emails outside of business hours. This is because we value your time, as well as our time with our families and need time to recharge creatively.


Are There Any Rooms You Do Not Design?

We will design any room, however we only offer Kitchens and Bathrooms in the Mini 2D Design Package. This is because kitchen and bathroom updates usually involve the work of contractors. With the Mini 2D Design Package we can still show a comprehensive design style, just not fully laid out like in a full package.


When Will You Start My Design Project?

Upon purchase of your design package, you will be emailed a New Design Packet. Once you complete this questionnaire, and e-mail it to, your project will be placed on the list of new projects and it will be complete within 5-10 business days from the day I receive your completed form.


What Experience Do You Have?

Besides having personal experience with remodels, new construction, and designing my own homes; I studied Interior Design at the New York Institue of Art and Design. While I completed my studies, I worked for one of the Large Design Companies to gain hands on experience designing and working with clients.


Do You Offer Discounts if I Purchase Multiple Design Packages From You!

Absolutely! We would love to help you with multiple spaces and offer several discount codes shown below.

TAKE10 for 10% off of two packages.

TAKE15 for 15% off of three packages.

TAKE20 for 20% off of four or more packages.

These discounts will be AUTOMATICALLY applied for you at checkout!


Do You Design Open Concept Spaces?

Yes! We would love to help your open concept design feel more cohesive!

You will need to purchase a package for EACH space included in the open concept area.

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