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Amazon Home Finds - Kitchen Organization

I've slowly been working on organizing my kitchen and wanted to share some of my favorite organizational products I've found on Amazon and loved!

1: Bamboo Lid Spice Jars - I bought these to organize all of our vitamins and supplements. Since vitamins come in so many different sized bottles, it made them so hard to organize. I bought these and have LOVED them so much! I love that they come with labels and they're easy to fit your hand into. I use a two-story lazy susan in my cabinet to store these and it's been one of my favorite organizing projects to date! Bonus: they keep gummy vitamins soft!

2: Wood Ziplock Organizer - The boxes my Ziplock bags came in didn't always fit in my drawer which drove me crazy. I love this organizer because it fits perfectly in my shallow drawer, and it keeps everything together so you don't end up with an unorganized mess of boxes.

3: Wood Wrap Dispenser - I was always finding boxes of Saran Wrap in the drawer that were crushed and bent from trying to rip a sheet off. I bought this wrap dispenser because it has a built-in cutter for each slot. It's been so awesome! My husband and I both love how it keeps everything organized and is so quick easy to use.

4: Bamboo Drawer Dividers - I have a deep drawer that I keep all of our cooking utensils in, and it was always such a mess! I found these drawer dividers and they have made all the difference. It's so easy to organize everything and keep it organized too!

5: Cabinet Shelves - I love collecting coffee cups but it was so hard to fit them all in one cabinet! I found these cabinet shelves and they added just enough extra space so everything fits nicely. I love that it maximizes my cabinet space and allows me to store everything without stacking them and worrying about them falling and breaking.

What are your favorite kitchen organization finds?


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