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Amazon Home Finds - Gold / Brushed Brass Cabinet Pulls

I am excited to continue the series of Amazon Home Décor items!

The next post in this series is Gold/Brushed Brass Cabinet Hardware! Gold and brushed brass accents are so popular for kitchens right now that I wanted to highlight all the fun hardware options. I included handles and knobs and made sure to incorporate traditional and more unique options.

I hope you love this collection as much as I do!

All the links are below, happy shopping!

Row 1: 1. Square Brushed Gold 2. Round Brushed Gold 3. 6" Solid Brass Pulls

Row 2: 1. Acrylic and Gold Handles 2. T - Pulls 3. 5" Brushed Brass Pulls

Row 3: 1. Square Pulls 2. Square Brushed Brass Handles 3. Acrylic and Gold Pulls

Row 4: 1. Round Pulls 2. Textured Gold Handles 3. Hexagon Pulls

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